Tri Delta

Alpha Sigma Chapter at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Letter from our President

Before I came to Carolina, I went to a small, all-girls private high school in Memphis, TN. Most people ask me how I could’ve possibly enjoyed it, and my answer is brief: I didn’t go to school with 91 classmates or 91 friends. Rather, I went to school with 91 sisters. 91 girls who, no matter what, had my back at the end of every single day.
For me, joining a sorority was about more than finding “instant friends.” It was about learning from others and making memories. It was about leading, networking, and becoming the best version of myself. It was about finding a new place that I could call home. I joined Tri Delta because I knew that, no matter what, everyone in our big white house would have my back.
I hope this website gives you a glimpse into our chapter and the individual personalities that make us, us! If you have any questions about membership, recruitment, or Tri Delta, don’t hesitate to email me at
Best wishes,